The Smart new hands free gesture control entertainment Window desktop PC ASUS is the best choice for modern homes. It looks more elegant than slim laptop. It offers the greatest Intel Core laptop speed which makes the complicated tasks easier. Moreover it is a delight for eyes. So , the most beautifully designed , reliable window desktop ASUS ET2040IUK is the best choice as it comes with some of the most astonishing and incredible features .


The ASUS ET2040IUK 19.5 inch all in one desktop available at The amazon .in offers the original cost 19,999.00 including all taxes.

Some of its remarkable features are:

Innovative Gesture Control

Its hands free control feature senses the gestures from a distance of five meter. By using this feature it becomes easy to browse the internet. It further enables the control of multimedia in a easy manner. This also enables one to play songs, zoom photos, adjust its settings without touching the screen. Everything is made so simple by the introduction of such advanced and modern technology. It is indeed a boon to have such a modern gadget at home.

Complete Connectivity

The Smart Charging Ultra-fast USB 3.0 charges smart phones, tablets and USB devices like pen drives very fast and efficiently.

Further, with its HDMI feature the second display can also be connected. The HDMI feature is helpful in showing presentations or in organizing large scale functions or editing videos.

Space-Saving Design

Its slim-styled screen fits into the modest homes. Thin shaped screen looks more stunning than even laptops. Its easily amendable metal support stand adjusts the desktop even in firm space. One can cart the desktop with its foldable stand. It has self contained, clear and bright 19.5” LED black lit screen. This feature enables the users to use it flexibly. The designs of this desktop can be viewed at Indian YT

Smart Back up Power Prevents Power Loss

Loosing Data files either by shifting houses, unplugging by pets or children, fluctuating voltages is prevented by its smart backup Power.   After losing power supply, the intelligent power backup works automatically and gives around one hour time to save the work and quickly manages the open windows. This feature is bliss for people who know the importance of the files that they prepare and which go unsaved sometimes. They will no longer be left heartbroken and all their hard work is there to stay with this feature of intelligent power back up. All the work can be saved in time. The files can be managed easily as there is plenty of time to do that.

Fast and Responsive

ASUS all in one pc ET2040IUK is helpful in swiftly editing the latest high definition videos or photos and one feels as if he is playing racing car game. Such is the mind-boggling speed this device gives. T Its Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor and the other Pentium quad Core J2900 Processors, the two variants in which it comes makes the functioning so fast and offers amazing response in very less time.