Reserve Bank has allowed all the banks to install of an additional charge more than five times use of ATM in a month. Five metro cities, including Kolkata from November 1 to be introduced to this system but it is still not launched by a number of leading banks. State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI, HDFC and Axis Bank are not accept these new rule to charge 20 Rs for ATM use more than five times in a month. A senior officer of state-owned bank said “if they charge for ATM usage will increase congestion in the bank’s branch. That is why banks have been prevented from free ATM usage limit. The officer said ‘if consumer makes crowd in the bank for money withdrawal or any other needs that will be cost more than 20 Rs’.

Officer of a private bank said, looking at some of the options for all types of banks and increase the number of free ATM transactions are being touched.

Incidentally, according to RBI circular, 1 November, the bank has the permission for charge Rs 20 for more than five time usage on ATM. However, banks have the permission to give maximum free ATM transactions to their customer. RBI was informed in this circular that the use of other bank ATM for more than three times in a month, banks may impose additional charges. But leading banks are not announced to walk on this path.