Cash Title loans is often the quickest way for someone with a low or bad credit score to get quick cash. Cash title loans is a secured loan, that often uses the name of automobile as the collateral, and primarily has low interest rates. The term for cash title loans is generally short, and they are better than taking unsecured loans.

As soon as you buy a car, and it drives off the garage, the value of the car starts depreciating. Many people are interested on knowing that how much their car has depreciated from the time they bought their car, while applying for cash title loans. Knowing about the depreciation value is important because, lenders will lend money depending on the present value of the car. There is a number of factors that the lenders consider.

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Make and Model-: There is always a price for the brand of an automobile. Therefore, if your car is of a high-end brand or have a great reputation when it comes to safety, the depreciation will be at a much slower rate.

Popularity-: Some cars are simply popular than other cars. Maybe due to mileage or speed, or the comfort provided by the car, these cars hold their value and the depreciation rate is simply slower.

Mileage-: The more you have driven your car, and more the weary it is, the value tends to decrease. Therefore, the more the miles in the odometer, the less is the probability of reselling it.

Vehicle History-: Vehicles which hasn’t undergone a big repair work tends to have a higher value than vehicles which are comparatively unharmed. In fact, vehicles which has undergone an accident or have rust damages are difficult to sale because of the sustained damages.

Condition-:If you have conditioned your vehicle well, and if it is still in good condition, then there is a pretty good chance that you will get a good value for your vehicle.

Location-: Often, the location matters a lot when it comes to selling off your vehicle. If you have a SUV, and you do not live near rough terrains, then it is a problem to sell off your car. Moreover, weather conditions also play a role in this aspect.

Options-: Additional upgrades such as new suspension, new tires and interior upgrades, all enhances the value of your car. So, whenever you are calculating your auto equity, be sure to add all these.

Calculate Your Auto Equity

When you go to a lender, they will go through your application and will make every effort to get the right price quote for your vehicle. Most of the lenders won’t give you a quote greater than 50% of your vehicle, because they have to make sure that, should you fail to pay up your debt, they have to sell or possess your vehicle. Before you contact any lender, make sure that your price is right, and you have counted every possible upgrade that you have added to your car. Cash title loans can get you quick cash, and you can also drive around with your car, while paying the debt.

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