Such cases are rare to find where you have prepared a file after ditching whole night’s sleep and accidentally deleted the file next fine morning. Or maybe you have just saved everything right, but after you shut down the PC something went wrong deep down and your PC just decides to send the file to somewhere you can’t trace. Guess what? You no more have to cry to God for the file you have lost, instead you might just be a little smarter and download EaseUS Data Recovery to get your file back. If you are looking for only a short time use, maybe the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free would get your job done. For few more, get the pro version with some bucks – but that’s totally worth it.


Ever Wondered What Makes Deleted Data Recoverable?

The data you delete from your hard drive are supposed to be gone for good. But how on earth they can be pulled out from the drive as well? Well, it’s because the construction of hard drive clusters were done in such way so that it stores few deleted data without letting the operating system mess with it. The data recovery software look for such data stored in hard drive clusters and if found, the data will be recovered in proper order so that the file could still be opened.

After the files are recovered, the best practice is to put the file in a different place than the one it is originated at. When deleted files go through a recovery process, their bits and pieces might get improperly placed and result in unusable files if the restore destination is same as the source. Overwriting the clusters is not an option!


How to Recover Data from Hard Disk

So the question of how to recover data from a hard disk using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, you have to go through few procedures – basically three. After you open the software, the first window that shows up would ask you to select whether you want to scan any specific file type or all files. The next part is selecting the drive where your deleted file used to be. Click on the orange ‘Scan’ button in bottom right to commence the scan.

All recoverable files will be found and shown in the left pane. Look for your file over there, select and click on ‘Recover’.

Best Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has earned the reputation of being the best recovery software over the past few years, to both newbies and advanced level computer users. Easy looking interface, intuitive operation and higher level of functionality is the reason why EaseUSData Recovery Wizard Free has earned so much popularity. The pro version would cost some money, but that one comes with lifetime free upgrade and support as well. There’s another version for Macintosh computers, contributing in recovery services for the Apple users as well.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free came out satisfactory during our tests. We loved almost every part of it even in the free version, and if we are ever asked to vouch for paid data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard would be the one.