Employers who invest in maintaining a safe workplace can expect to have fewer injuries, illnesses and even fatalities. Scheduling programs such as ARC flash safety training based on the facility type can also lead to cost savings in different business areas. Workers compensation, OSHA penalties and medical expenses are reduced in comparison to effective training programs.Additionally, replacing employees on a temporary or permanent basis is no longer a major expense from an on-the-job accident.

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Not only can you realize cost savings, but productivity and the financial health of your company will also improve significantly.Based on the cost savings alone, many would agree that safety training is an investment that delivers many returns. Below are three more compelling reasons that you should make the health and safety of your employees a priority.Compliance with OSHACompliance with OSHA standards will help your company avoid pricey citations for violating health and safety codes. Adequately training your employees on how to complete different tasks safely will ensure you live up to the responsibility of providing a safe place to work.Standards for upholding this responsibility includes clearly communicating operating procedures and providing safety training to ensure the workplace is free from any hazards that can cause serious problems for workers.Loyalty among EmployeesProviding a workplace free of hazards is the law and every employer should follow it. This will also help to enhance the employer-employee relationship when employees believe you have their best interest in mind. They become more loyal and satisfied with where they work.In a day where people are anxious about healthcare coverage and the associated costs, wellness remains top-of-mind for employees. Benefits should help to relieve some of the pressure in worrying about whether their work will lead to a serious injury or illness.Making sure employees have the latest information and safety equipment to perform their job duties goes a long way to keeping employees loyal to your company.Improve Your Company’s ReputationAs employees feel confident at their place of work, they do not mind sharing with friends and family, or even strangers, about having a positive work environment. They will not hesitate to tell others that your company has a stellar reputation.This type of advertisement spreads the word that your company has a good reputation of taking care of its employees’ wellbeing. Such information can increase your customer base and the pool of qualified candidates for open positions.Being a company that appreciates the value of training employees will go a long way to improving safety in the workplace. It will also benefit your company in many ways short-term and long-term.