Experienced professionals are generous with their advice as they learn a lot about what it takes to build a successful career over the years. It is important to make wise career choices as they help you define the path of success. However, how much advice is too much advice? Sometimes the advice might not hold true in the current business scenario, or does not stand relevant in a particular industry.

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How does one figure out which advice to take seriously? Here are 5 career advice tips that you’re better off without-

  1. You need to ask for a promotion or else you will not grow in your career

Gone are the days when asking for a promotion was the only way you could succeed in your career. These are times when leadership skills are taken into consideration while giving a promotion. These are the times when the employers check the value you have added to the company in terms of team building and leadership skills. An entrepreneurial spirit within the company is bound to get you noticed.

  1. Your CV needs to be short

A resume is the way to show an organization how qualified you are for a certain job. A resume needs to highlight your skill sets and career achievements. The resume must also include a job description, and each job description should emphasize the talents you have developed for the role. All of this may not always fit in one page!

  1. A great resume will guarantee that you are hired

A resume is simply a marketing tool. There needs to be an integration of follow-ups through relevant mediums to ensure that you are hired.

  1. Job requirements cannot be negotiated

A lot of adjustments are made to existing structures to accommodate talent. With the rise of remote workers and freelancers, this holds true even more so.

  1. You cannot make money out of your hobby

Artists, writers, designers, actors, dancers, make-up artists, bloggers, etc. are exploring their passion for earning a living. MBA colleges and universities offering an MBA in HR, MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing are no longer the only options available anymore.

There are a lot more career tips that do not hold true for several reasons. You must consider cumulative advice before making a choice.