There are no competitors for Google ad sense in the advertisement market, not seen yet. Advertising giant like Microsoft cannot access the service. But Yahoo has now come up with a new publishing tool.

“Yahoo recommends the name of the service to show ads as well as visitors to the website in accordance with the manufacturers of various posts / content can be automatically supplied. Users browsing and the search will show in practice analysis Yahoo! site posts. Meanwhile, CBS Interactive and the big publishing firm VOX media joined Yahoo recommends network.

Computer and Mobile will work on both the interface recommends Yahoo. The advertisements on the different companies, but the site posts, image and link will be shown. This will increase traffic to websites. To the added advantage of providing information on the basis of personal preference was to yahoo’s applause.

At this point, everyone is not available for registration recommends Yahoo. The website owners have been asked to communicate directly with a Yahoo representative. Or you can e-mail the company officers’ Paul krakao [email protected] to address.