Having lived in Gurgaon for over a decade, Arjun Khera (27) never had to worry about looking for people to play cricket with or to pursue other hobbies. But when a friend, who moved to the city from Bangalore, told Khera about his inability to find someone to pursue photography with, it set him thinking.

Image result for Gurgaon based man creates app for sharing and learning new skills“In school, we automatically get a group of people to play with. But one of the problems of growing up is that most of us stop playing. It gets difficult to find people with common interests. So I thought of creating a platform where people can not only talk about skills and talents, but also learn from each other. It is like Tinder but for sharing and learning new skills. That’s how the idea of Skillmate came to me,” said Khera, who pursued his MBA from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management.

Skillmate is an android-based application that allows users in a particular neighbourhood to not only teach skills they know to others, but to learn new skills from people.