Engraving the trophies or plaques you choose to give out can become very effective, if done right. By having a thoughtful quote, or a message, engraved onto the trophy makes it that much more valuable – this means that even if the trophy isn’t as expensive, the trophy is still valued because of its engraving. However, what you choose to do on the trophy depends on the occasion. For example, the kind of trophy you choose to give for a corporate award will be different from the kinds of trophies that are handed out during sporting events. There are a number of ways to ensure that the graving done is effective, and that the design is done with the occasion in mind.

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Corporate awards can be used to reward special contributions to the company – be it if a specific employee has exceeded the expectations for the quarter or for the year; or if a branch of the company has done exceptionally well in a specific field, like finance, sales, or customer relations in their area. Corporate awards can also be used to motivate the employees to work harder and strive for better – and certain benefits can be provided along with the trophy or award, to make it even more appealing.
When designing a corporate award, it is imperative that the company logo and slogan or motto are printed or engraved onto the trophy or plaque. The way the award has been designed needs to reflect company morals and values – and needs to represent what it is being presented for. While printing the company logo, make sure what you can do for the kind of award you’re choosing to give. If you choose to present a plaque, it is possible to print the company logo in colour; however, if you choose to give a glass award, you can have the logo carved into the glass – and as for acrylic awards, it is possible to have the logo engraved onto the award.

However, if the award is for something different, like a sporting event, the awards can be brighter than corporate awards. One way you can personalize the award is if you get the award in the team colours – and possibly have the team colours painted onto the award, or plaque, along with a personalized engraving. Getting a picture of the team engraved onto the plaque, or printed onto the award, makes the award even more personal and memorable for the team and for the entire event.

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