When the internet boomed and big business embraced it with open arms, many called it to be the end of small business. And with the expensive websites and technological integration which big business could afford, it was a reasonable call. However, what nobody saw coming was just how well small business would adapt and embrace technology in its own way.

Mobile Apps

When the iPhone was introduced it changed the way people would interact with their phones, shifting web searches into custom designed apps which could deliver individual user experiences and services. While many larger companies hired professional developers, the ease of use in creating an app for a platform such as iOS enabled everyday business owners to develop their own apps. While they may not include extensive functionality, these apps provide a sufficient level of functionality to enable their customers to continue using their services in a digital age.

Location Aware Services

If there’s one benefit which small businesses will always have over larger ones it’s proximity. By embracing services such as Groupon Coupons, customers who were searching for local products such as nail salons in the Las Vegas area were provided with business information along with enticing offers which could be redeemed immediately, often at small businesses within meters of their location. Services such as these see increased foot traffic through small business locations, not only keeping them in the game but helping them to win.

Social Media and Emotional Connections

When it comes to small businesses such as corner stores and local markets, the key is to maintain an emotional connection. In comparison to big business, customers who shop at local stores often know the owners and have a positive relationship with the staff who know their name. By engaging in social media, these businesses were able to continue this relationship even when the customer wasn’t in the store with friendly updates and reminders of their services. This works to keep customers emotionally connected with their business, even if through a social network, resulting in their continued business.


There’s no doubt that big businesses are benefiting greatly from the products and services which technology has allowed, however, to discount small business as a result would be a bad move and a bad investment.