With increasing penetration of the internet worldwide and a need to satisfy the increasing demand of learning community, e-learning is gaining more importance every day. E- learning is the beginning of new era in the education system, and we are yet to harness the full power of e- learning. While it is a very good idea to have your course content online for your students, so that they can learn anywhere anytime, creating such online courses has not been the easy task. Before the launch of Office Mix, you needed to download various tools to create your online course; with Office Mix, you can create your own course just by adding a single free add-on to your Microsoft PowerPoint and reuse your existing courses.

As per the official blog of Microsoft Office, it was created with an aim to enhance and implement the new teaching methods with the use of PowerPoint. With Office Mix, you can not only create online interactive e-learning solutions but also embed your course with a variety of options like interactive simulations, other online videos, and polls to your content. You can also create quizzes for each course and if you share your content through OneDrive, you will also get an opportunity to keep track of which user is watching your content and how many of them are taking quizzes.

Learning Tool Interoperability (also known as LTI) is a popular standard of content interoperability to include your Office mix projects (now on mixes) into any LMS (Learning Management System) that supports the standard. You can host content created by you or your organization in any LMS through the use of the LTI standard.

So, if you are ready to create your first online course here are 8 easy tips to create an e-learning course with Office Mix and PowerPoint:

First, download the official Office Mix plugin, which is available only for Microsoft Office PowerPoint and can be downloaded using the link: https://mix.office.com/en-us/Home

  1. Installation:

After downloading the Office Mix, install the plugin like any other software on your system and it will be automatically added to your Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Take into account that Office Mix only works with Microsoft Office for Windows.

  1. Get yourself acquainted with the options available:

Now if you open the PowerPoint on your system you will see the new option under the title ‘Mix’, in the menu bar. You can explore the available options just by clicking the ‘Mix’ menu button.


  1. Choose the proper slides:

PowerPoint has been a very popular tool within educators for a while. Using it correctly has proven to be a wonderful education tool. The next step is to choose the proper PowerPoint presentation for your course. You can use existing lessons or create one from scratch. The main challenge at this point is to understand the overall structure of your lessons. Think of it as a novel, the introduction, the main content, the plot, the conclusion and a final thoughts. The slides should follow the structure and allow the educator to navigate through sections and ideas. In order to help the users, several third party providers are focused on creating tools for educators in order to create slides for their lessons, without the need of a graphic designer or tool expert. For example, SlideModel provides PowerPoint Templates that help users to create presentations with great graphics with no effort. You can also find Free PowerPoint Templates in providers as FPPT.com.


  1. Add the content:

After the choosing the appropriate PowerPoint presentation you need to add the content to your video. You can embed almost any type of content like audio, video, slides, external site links in your e-learning course. The experience, knowledge and ability to transmit messages are tested in this steps. Educators need to complete the slides with the proper content that enhances the lesson message. If you are creating a presentation with a background voice, make sure to use images and visual content that matches and empowers the speech. In the other hand if you plan to do a silent section, make sure to create readable content in the space of slides, using techniques as SlideDocs. Within this path of reasoning, create the slides that will fulfil the lesson structure. Decide the media that will transmit the message (images + voice narration, images + text, titles + voice narration, video , photos , animation ,etc) The educators creativity is important in this step, in order to avoid losing the perspective that there is no direct contact with the student, and the full content needs to be auto explicative by its own.

  1. Recording slides and inserting videos:

Now if you want to start with a slide, design the slides and click on ‘Slide Recording’ option to start recording the slides. In the Midway, if you want to add a video click on ‘Insert Video’ option and choose the video you want to insert as your content.


  1. Screen recording and inserting audio:

If you want to record the actions on your system’s screen for your audience, you can add this by starting the screen recorder by clicking on the option ‘Screen Recording’.  Moreover, if you want to add an audio for you e-learning course along with either slides or video you can add it by clicking on ‘Insert Audio’ option and choose the audio file to be inserted in your course.

  1. Preview, edit and publish:

After adding the required content, you can view the final look of your course by clicking on ‘Preview’ option. If you are satisfied with the content, you can use one or more options to publish your content. If your content is not up to the standards, you are looking for you can edit the content again, wherever required. Here some ways to publish your content created using Office Mix and Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. You can directly publish this course to Office 365 video platform by clicking on option ‘Publish to O365 video’.
  2. The can also the content by exporting it to required video format by using the option ‘Export to video’.
  3. There is also an option to directly upload the content created by you to OfficeMix.com where you can invite your audience by sharing a link or by choosing the audience from the registered user or from your contacts.
  4. Alternatively, you can upload the course to OneDrive, where it can be shared with your audience.

Office Mix combines the powerful features of PowerPoint with audio, video and interactive simulations to help the educators to create amazing online courses. With the use of Office mix, you can divide your long videos into chapters so that user can skip to the proper chapter. The quizzes and polls created by using the option ‘Quizzes videos apps’ which enables you to embed an interactive quiz, or a poll or an online video with interactive simulations to help the audience to make best out of your course.

Office Mix gives an opportunity to share your content on thousands of sites, including social media sites using the oEmbed protocols or embed.ly. It also ensures that your content is delivered to a wide user base spread among the different platforms, by supporting the various diverse platforms on PC and mobiles devices. Office mix is the latest addition to the arena of e-learning and it is getting wide acceptance due to its easy to use interface and advanced features. The educators or content creators do not require to learn any new skill to start using the Office Mix. The amazing videos can be created just by using your present PowerPoint skills, without use of any extra software which is the best thing about Office.