Creepy Crawlies? No matter how clean you keep your homes, those uninvited guests will always feel warm welcomed. In few cases, the house is not the host, but, the land is. In any case, waiting for unreliable/ temporary Home Remedies to work is useless and utter waste of time. Seeking for a professional help is much easier and smarter way of getting rid of these little monsters. Search online for the best pest control services from GoodService for ants in your nearby location, book an appointment and it’s done.

Now that we have decided, let’s do it!
❏ First Things First
Before professional help arrives, let’s do our part effectively.
● Ants live in colonies, and they walk leaving a trail for others to follow. Follow them and spot out their colonies/ hiding places.
● They choose places where there is availability of food and shelter, so garbage must be tightly packed and disposed off on regular basis.
● Look out for cracks and crevices as these provide shelters to different types of pests, including ants.
● It might be possible that the ants you see inside your house have their colonies outside (Generally, it is the small black ants), in such cases, the entries must be sealed properly.
❏ Inspection
Here, the severity of the case is scaled on a professional level.
● INTRODUCTION – Introduce your home to the professionals, shed some light in the hidden corners and don’t forget to mention the spots where you observed the trails.
● FOLLOW UP – Once the inspection is done, the professionals will give you instructions regarding the treatment. Make a note of it and prepare accordingly.
● THOROUGH CLEANSING – Double check for food items, either place them in airtight jars or in refrigerator (Ants usually feed on sugar-rich foods). If you have pets, make sure their bowls are clean too.
❏ The Big Battle
Make sure your house is prepared as per the given instructions. Keep children and pets away while the treatment is going on.
The Pest Control Personnel use gel bait in the form of small beads as their weapon. Ant colonies can be much bigger than expected; hence, these baits are placed where the worker ants trail. The beads are mistaken as foods by the worker ants and are carried to colonies. Our rest of the work is done by them, resulting in the elimination of their colonies. Make sure to not miss even a single corner. Improper delivery in treatment might result in failure.
Seek help from the professionals for the post-treatment measures and follow the instructions properly.
❏ The Aftermath
Now, the lead is back in our hands and all we need to do is to WAIT. Keep calm, having placed these baits won’t work wonders immediately (Remember good things take time). Meanwhile, do NOT use any insecticides or any strong ant-control chemicals as it would kill ants carrying bait to the colony. Instead, wait for these baits to reach the queen ant, where she will be poisoned just like the worker and drone ants. Hence, the ant colony will be doomed ultimately. However, some colonies might still survive after the treatment and the main reason for this could be the survival of Queen ant. Just an ant can result in the formation of entire new colony.
❏ Prevention is anyways better than cure
Problems don’t come with a warning and so do ants, they might return anytime in future.
● Once it’s over, it doesn’t stop there. In few cases, the first try is not successful; hence, it requires treatment multiple times.Keep regular checks.
● Get cracks and crevices repaired/treated to prevent from further infestation.
● Proper Sanitation is a must to keep ants at bay. Floor must be swept/ vacuumed daily.
● It is advised to use disposable garbage bags instead of trash cans. Using trash cans directly might lead to settling down of food, which in turn, might invite the problem again.
● Do Not pile up dirty dishes.
The only way to control the infestation by ants is by maintaining proper sanitation and keeping regular checks. It is slightly impractical for the owner to keep a check of a small trail, especially in bigger houses, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Remember, ants are tough species, you need to be tougher.