Today, more and more people are getting cautious about the use of non-renewable sources to generate power. They understand the cost which the nature is paying for the comfort of humans, and thus, everybody is switching to new ways of generating clean energy.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy, which is pollution free. It does not harm the environment in any way, and the raw material required to operate such a plant is abundant. They have a lifespan, which is much greater than the conventional generators. Hence, it is becoming an interesting option for power generation.


The subsidies offered by the government makes the cost of generating electricity from the solar plant on par with the cost of electricity available from various utilities. As the technology is advancing, more and more materials are being discovered and this will surely help to bring down the cost of generating electricity from solar systems.

So you have also chosen to install a solar system at your home, but how to go ahead with it? One should always consider these points:

  • Energy Audit: the first thing is to identify the power requirement of your house or the office. This would help you to choose the rating of the solar system to be installed.
  • Installation options: Solar systems require direct sunlight throughout the day. They also occupy space. One should always consider these two things while planning the location of the solar system. If the roof does not have enough space for the system to be installed, one should look for all possible alternatives.
  • Investing and financing: You may not have the required funds to install the solar plant. In that case, you may require financing from a leasing company or a bank. One should always work out his investing and financing options carefully, so as to avoid any monetary losses.
  • Choosing the right people to do the work: Choosing the right contractor to perform the work is another important step. You want your contractor to be professional, experienced and quick in his work. The work should be of very high quality and customer satisfaction should be paramount.
  • Equipment, Approvals, Permits, License: If you choose to install the system by yourself, then you should have knowledge about all the licenses, permits required to perform the work. On the other hand if you hire a contractor, he will do all these tasks on your behalf making your work easy.
  • A new meter: The utility will provide you with a new energy meter to be installed for your solar plant. This ensures that you are not billed for the electricity generate by the solar plant.
  • Connection to the grid: The utility will also provide the installed solar power system with a connection to the grid.
  • Maintenance and Repair: It is suggested that you hire a trained professional in case the system requires any maintenance. However, if you choose to do the work yourself, be sure you have knowledge about electricity and solar power system and have sufficient experience to perform the task.

There are many solar companies in Orange County with experienced staff and wide customer base. The solar power not only provides you a cheap and maintenance free energy generation option, it ensures that your children live in a pollution free and sustainable environment. They are just a call away, in case you need any help.