Dog bites are becoming dangerous day-by-day and there are many serious cases, where victims have been hospitalized or got admitted in emergency rooms. Due to this the rate of liability claims on dog owners is also escalating. Usually, the adults are attacked on their lower extremities whereas for small children it is higher extremities such as face, head, and neck. In addition, children are the most affected group, when it comes to dog bites.

Protocols of many countries firmly state that the owner of an attacking dog is fully liable for all the injuries caused by his/her dog, along with knock-downs, mauling, bites, jump-ups, etc. It doesn’t matter whose property it is or where the property is located, if the dog was successfully able to injure an individual, be it constrained or be it free, the owner is fully responsible for it. However, before taking legal steps make sure to get proper medical care for your wounds first.

After attaining proper medical care contact the officials of an animal control center or law enforcement and report the whole incident to them. Hire an experienced dog bite attorney San Diego to know all about your legal rights. Later you can file a claim against the dog’s owner to get fully compensated for your injuries and lost earnings. Don’t forget to get a reconstructive surgery, in case, there is a disfigurement or damage to your tissues and nerves.


Legal action

  • You need to take a legal action for getting compensated in regards to all the personal, medical, emotional, psychological, and monetary consequences you are suffering and will experience.
  • The owner of any dog is responsible for all the attacks and injuries caused by its pet. There are times when a dog is not able to successfully bite an individual but still injures him/her severely then too the owner is fully liable.
  • You can also demand compensation if a dog bit and injured you just because its owner neglected to take care of it.
  • In compensation, you can demand for the reimbursements for your lost earnings, the pain and distress you went through, rehabilitation costs and hospital and medical invoices.
  • You can ask for compensation if your loved one died due to dog attack and bites.
  • You have to file your legal claim immediately as there is only a limited amount of time available for such actions.
  • You will be required to pay your lawyer only when you win the case and acquire the settlement you asked for. You just have to pay a certain percent of your compensation amount.

Importance of medical records and witnesses

Circumstantial evidence is also useful, apart from the testimonies of eyewitnesses. However, an eyewitness can convince a judge rather quickly and make it easier for you to win the case. Contact the witnesses to get information and ask if they want to testify your case in the court.

Medical records are important because they will show the court that you received severe treatment for your injuries and how draining it was for you, physically, emotionally and financially. Take the picture of your injuries for evidence. Create thorough documentation of your injuries and collect all of the essential medical records. For making your case stronger, you ought to have more information.