Another round of protestations by iPhone 6 clients, who as of late alongside iPhone 6 Plus clients griped of the presentations being exceptionally inclined to scratches, concentrates on the misaligned front-confronting cam of the gadget.

Taking the issue to Reddit, an iPhone 6 client named Banopenmindedskeptic expressed (by means of Phonearena), “My iPhone 6’s front confronting cam is misaligned. There is a sickle unmistakable on the right half of the opening. This additionally happened to my companion’s telephone and a substitution show the Apple Store provided for him.” Most of the remarks on the string, which as of now has gotten 256 up votes as of not long ago, affirm the issue. A client named Shibbbbby additionally posted a few pictures (seen beneath) of the iPhone 6 model highlighting the misaligned front-confronting cam.

The iPhone 6 Plus appears unaffected by the issue. The Redditor, who likewise claims to be an Apple worker, says that Apple has not yet distinguished the issue. Either clients will have their iPhone 6 front board changed or get another gadget by and large in the event that they go to Apple Stores for substitution. Then again, the issue does not appear to influence the pictures clicked from the front-confronting 1.2-megapixel cam.

It is significant that last month clients on the Apple Support Communities griped that corners, and even the center of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ screens can been seen with fine scratches inside weeks of utilization.

While the careful material utilized as a part of the presentation of iPhone 6 is not yet affirmed, Apple has been touting the gadgets’ screen with an interesting “fortified Ion-X” glass, which is said to be harder than normal screen covers. Apple is yet addressing the issue.