Line, the most used worldwide Smartphone app reaches highest milestone of 30 million users in India in this year. This app got their popularity in very short time in India. You can send picture message, voice messages easily through this application. The most important thing in this application which attracts people so much that is free line to line unlimited calls that make it this biggest achievement in India.

Besides this line have also some funny points like stickers. Stickers on line are most attractive and so funny that also attracts people towards it. Users also get mobile recharge many times from this app that is also a great thing to the user. Line users are most satisfied in India that’s why line is much popular in a short time in India.

“We make sure that our new features and services, be it through stickers or games, to take our users beyond the usual messaging experience and that has helped us reach the 30 million milestone in such a short span of time,” Daman Soni the head of line business in India told that.

Line also introduced many games besides talking with friends’ user also able to play games with friend or in their communities it also the attractive thing to the user for use this application.

Line is also a free Smartphone application user has not to pay any little penny for it. So user mostly chooses this app for their conversation.

Not in India this Japanese company reaches also planned to touch the highest benchmark in the world. Their next target is to achieve the 50 million users in India said by Daman Soni.