Whether you own a single pump or operate a business in which a number of pieces of equipment rely on the proper distribution of fluids and other materials, you want that equipment to be durable. You have better things to do than spend your time rebuilding pumps. You also need the equipment to be reliable. If you get ready to transfer material only to find that your pump is no longer working as it should, things can get pretty tense. Production gets backed up. In some cases, tanks can overflow and you end up with a mess to clean up.

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One thing you might want to consider using is an impeller blade that is made from something other than the traditional metal. Companies like Norstone, Inc. can supply you with items like the Polyblade, which will outlast traditional blades.

Steel blades can develop sharp edges over time. This creates a safety hazard in your operation by which employees can end up with cuts on their fingers and hands. If they need to take a trip to the emergency room to get stitched up, they are obviously not going to be doing anything productive for the operation during that time.

Polyblades come in a selection of types to enable you to get the best performance, based on your operational needs. The Turbo Polyblade is designed to provide a more forceful dispersing action. It is an excellent choice for moving solids because it has replaceable shear pegs without steel studs. Other benefits include the ability to disperse at higher velocities while requiring lower amp draw while doing it.

The Embedded Plate Polyblade is made by having a balanced stainless steel plate molded inside the blade. This eliminates the need for stiffening plates and makes assembly much easier. It is counter bored so that it will sit flat against the shaft. When it needs to be replaced, the steel blades can be reused.

Other advantages to these blades include the longevity as opposed to a metal blade. They will also not bend or bow and are easier to clean. Their design prevents them from being put on backwards, but they can be turned over after the initial side is worn as a way of extending its life.

If you want to move away from traditional material in favor of newer technology that increases the productivity of your operation, you should take a look at how material is dispersed in your processes. You may be able to save on maintenance costs while lowering your energy bill.