The two leading smart phone in the market Moto g Gen2 and ASUS zenfone 5. Moto g Gen 2 tied up with google and Motorola Company and the ASUS zenfone tied up with ASUS and Intel Company. This two smart phone are the leading in the market now a days if you wish to buy any smart phone amongst these you have to read this carefully. Because this two mobile phone has their different capability for different field so you have to choose the appropriate one for you. Here are some descriptions about these mobile phones –

  1. Processor

    The first and most important thing about a smart phone is its working speed that depends on its processor

    Moto Gen 2 has 1.2 GHz quad- core processor made by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

    ASUS zenfone 5 has 1.6 GHz dual-core processor made by Intel atom z2560.

    This two processor do their work at lighten speed. But they have different GHz so simply we chose the greater one. But always GHz is not only make the processor better you must see its number of core. Moto g Gen 2 has 4 cores in its processor but ASUS zenfone has only 2 cores.


  1. RAM

    Random access memory is the other important thing for speed of you mobile. Besides the processor u need high for a higher capacity RAM for better performance.

    Moto G Gen 2 has 1GB RAM

    ASUS zenfone 5 has 2GB RAM


    Here ASUS zenfone crosses the Moto G Zen 2 in the performance in RAM.


  1. Battery

    With better performance a long time captive Battery also need for a smart phone.

    Moto G Gen 2 has its battery of 2070 mAh

    ASUS zenfone 5 has its battery of 2110 mAh


    The battery is irremovable in both mobile phone.


  2. Storage capacity

    Storage also important thing for your mobile phone. Storage allows you to keep your data in your phone. So much storage much data.

    Moto G Gen 2 has 16GB internal memory.

    Asus zenfone 5 has 8GB internal memory.

These two phones are captive with expandable micro SD storage up to 64GB.

3. About Screen and Display

  1.       Moto G Gen 2                       ASUS zenfone 5

    Form factor                                                          Touchscreen                                                       Touchscreen

    Dimension                                                  141.50 x 70.70 x 10.99                               148.20 x 72.80 x 10.34


    Screen size (inches)                                               5.00                                                                          5.00

    Touchscreen type                                              capacitive                                                                  capacitive

    Resolution                                                      720 x 1280 pixels                                           720 x 1280 pixels

    Pixels per inch (PPI)                                               294                                                                            N/A

    Colors                                                                           16M                                                                   16M


  1. About Camera

    Rear Camera                                                       8 megapixel                                                      8 megapixel

    Flash                                                                               Yes                                                                    Yes

    Front Camera                                                     2 Megapixel                                                      2 megapixel


  1. Software

    Operating System                                  Android 4.4.4 Kitkat                                              Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

    Java Support                                                               Yes                                                                       Yes


  1. Others
    Phone color                                                      Black, White                                           Black, White, Red, Purple, Gold

Price                                                                       Rs. 12,999                                                          Rs. 10,499

Release Date                                                 September 2014                                                      January 2014

Here is all descriptions about these two smart phones now you have to decide which one is perfect for you.