Portable Amplifier DAC

Anyone who is looking to enhance the audio from their portable devices may be interested in a new ultra small amplifier DAC device, that has been created by OnBlink based in London.

The pocket sized OnBlink amplifier has been specifically designed to enhance sounds from portable devices, together with the OnBlink Plus Digital to Analog (DAC) Converter and amplifier.

Watch the video below to learn more about this tiny amplifier whose creators say it’s the world’s smallest portable amplifier and DAC. OnBlink explains a little more:

“It doesn’t matter if you purchase a top-of-the-line headset like the ATH M50, if the sound entering into those headphones is poor in the first place.

Why is sound from your mobile devices so poor (at least from the standard of an audiophile)?
Audio files on your computer are like any other files – they are binary, 1s and 0s. It requires a “digital to analog/audio” converter (otherwise known as DAC) to turn those files into sound that you can hear.
Portable device manufacturers (smartphones, tablets, laptops) use the most inexpensive, internal DACs possible, because DACs drain the device’s battery.

So, while headphones have improved, that improvement does you no good if you use them through the headphone jack/DAC of your device. That’s why OnBlink has created the OnBlink Mini Amplifier and the OnBlink Plus Digital to Analog (DAC) Converter and Amplifier.”

For more information on the new OnBlink amplifier jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and the ability to make a pledge from just £35 for early adopters.