Do you recoil at the thought of organising an evening on the town or a day out with old friends, all via text? Do your eyes glaze over the assertions from mobile phone operators of how many free messages they offer? Do you regularly exceed your minutes allowances, purely because you want a quick, sure – and most importantly – vocal, response from your nearest and dearest? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, you’re in luck! Thankfully there’s a new app that’s just been released that aims to utterly cut down the amount of time you waste texting people!

It’s called Re:quest, and it’s about to revolutionise the way we communicate via messaging, as well as hopefully reducing to nil the amount of annoyance that comes from long, tedious, endlessly meandering text conversations.

The crux of the app is rather simple. The person sending the message writes a question – “what would you like to do this weekend”, for instance – and attaches a number of answers to the message – “Go to the park”, “Go shopping, “Go to the seaside”, etc. The receiving party then chooses one of the options, saving immense amounts of time (and data) in the process.

The app is functional on smartphones, but looks most promising on smartwatches, where the small screen looks set to gel perfectly with the application’s slimmed-down purpose and UI. Its release is a positive move within the smartwatch industry, where a lack of app releases has somewhat dampened the potential zeal of prospective customers.

With smartwatch app development finally kicking in to gear though, there is an increasingly positive crop of apps being released for the new fangled devices. We’ve already seen card counting apps, the excellent Fandango cinema app, and could soon be seeing casino gaming affiliate apps from sites such as Yeboyes where people on the go will be able to peruse bonuses and promotions from gaming sites, all in a quick, neat package that is only currently afforded by smartwatches.

We’ve seen some excellent applications released recently for Android Wear and Apple Watch. Toggles Wear, where users can quickly and easily change their phone settings – airplane mode, bluetooth, silent mode etc – from their watch is something we think should be on every device from the outset. And for the Watch, Citymapper, where users can quickly and easily access public transport information from a number of cities across the world, has single-handedly eliminated the fear and tension that comes alongside using said forms of transport in foreign countries. It seems like smartwatch detractors might be wrong about the devices after all.