Stanozolol is an extremely popular anabolic drug that is gaining importance in the forum of notable athletes, bodybuilders and other celebrities. The steroid is marketed under the brand name of Winstrol, in the form of intramuscular injections and oral tablets. It is 100% FDA approved and is declared safe and legal for human use, without the need of any doctor’s or expert’s prescription. Stanozolol has been a part traditional veterinary medicine for the treatment of patients suffering from hereditary angioedema (HAE) and anaemia. The drug is considered effective in the production and regulation of red blood corpuscles, as well as suppressing the anti-anabolic impacts of cortisone hormone.

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How to regulate the dose?

Stanozolol is mainly a favourite of dedicated bodybuilders and sport lovers who likes to maintain lean robust physique, with a slight touch of steroidal influence to bulk up their muscle mass. Thus optimizing your physical strength, agility, muscle power and efficient fat loss can be effectively achieved with Stanozolol use. There are amazing short termed fat cutting and bulking cycles that are proposed by experts and if correctly maintained by users, can give you wondrous end results. Depending on the genetic makeup of an individual, the dosage guidelines are provided by nutritionists to help you get the adequate results for which you are taking the drug in the first case. Separate safe cycles of Stanozolol for both men and women are suggested to render the best results of carving your muscles and at the same time, losing optimum amount of weight according to your height and age.

For females, the dose measurement is set in such a manner that the steroid poses greater beneficial impacts at lower concentrations. The female body and the relative hormonal regulation is a bit complex than males. Therefore it is necessary to regulate the precise dosage pattern of strong anabolic steroids like Stanozolol within a woman’s body, to minus as many negative results possible at the completion of the cycle. It is noticed that most females prefer to take oral drugs than injections. In the case of beginners, a fixed dose of 10 mg should be strictly followed for the first four weeks to check for your body’s rejection capacity against the drug. During entire 1 month cycle, 10 mg of the steroid is taken in intervals of two days in the first week and is gradually intensified with progression of cycle.

For males, the initial dose of Stanozolol is fixed at a comparatively higher concentration than females as the male body is naturally more compact, strong and less complex. The exposure time is set for eight weeks with dose level starting at 50 mg per day, which is considered safe and decent till you exceed the time limit. For professional bodybuilders, it is evident that increase in the dose concentration in the final cycle of Stanozolol has shown remarkable results at the completion of the bulking program. Most men favour injections than oral pills as the former has a half life of 1 day, and can guarantee better output. To get quicker and magical results, many users take the limit up to 100 mg per day that is majorly discredited by considering safety measures. So quickly grab all the benefits with Stanozolol use from safe, reliable sources.