Thinking about “Bailar Salsa”? It really isn’t a very difficult skill to learn, all you need is lots of practice and little determination, there are some quick hacks that we can tell you to bring in some real skin in the learning Process.

First, some cool facts that most people don’t know : Salsa isn’t confined to Colombian style, there are other styles of salsa as well, like Cuban style for example, however when most people talk about Salsa, they imply the Colombian one (that’s where Shakira Hails from). And not many know that it was originated in New York and not Colombia.Finding for coach for salsa dance try contacting urbanclap .

salsa dance

Now, let’s get onto some really cool tips to help you take your Salsa dancing to the next level.

  1. Use mirror: Intensively, because that would help you a lot in correcting mistakes that you normally do, if possible shoot it, and then watch the video to figure out areas of improvement.
  2. Emulate your favorite salsa dancer: No matter how much you insist, you need a mentor so that you can first emulate them until the real dance form becomes intrinsic to your nature, dancing comes from within however to get inspiration, you have to emulate.
  3. Find a partner: It works, Salsa trainers across the world stresses out how important it is, the odds of you learning the dance is twice fast than doing it solo, so find someone who has similar passion and is ready to slog it out with you for a perfect dance experience.
  4. Test your skills : Go out and participate, up the ante, take it to the next level, and bring more skin into the game, this will really help you to radically improve your dancing skills, no matter what your current level is. Competition brings the best out of us, and it will leave you with inspiring moments to thrust your dance to the next level.
  5. Work on your posture: Most of new salsa aspirants make mistake here, and it a key part in balancing salsa dance, because it makes movements look more polished, and you would feel that your dance looks smoother, and flawless than ever before.
  6. Use hand pressure intelligently: Most of folks put in overpressure which results in uneven dance form, so then the question arises – How much pressure you should apply? Ideally that is upon the situation, there can be instances where you shouldn’t apply any pressure at all, only an expert can tell you about this, because it involves subtleness.
  7. Be confident: The most important point, there is nothing quite like confidence that lifts a human spirit and Salsa is no different, and no matter how much you learn, it is all incomplete with confidence, when you ask for a partner for dance, then too you need to display great confidence, otherwise there are greater chances that you might just get rejected. So keep your confidence sky high and ask someone to join you for a dance as if you were a pro.
  8. Get a coach: There is a reason why they exist – to help you, and they are well trained to take you through ups and downs of just any salsa tricks, you simply cannot substitute a professional’s competence with any article or video.

And it wouldn’t cost you a fortune to get one, it is easy to download urbanclap app and find a salsa instructor, just create a bid, and look for most competitive rates, the chances are, that you could learn Salsa perfectly in a quarter of time than what it would have taken by self learning, after all, learning is a skill is also a sort of investment.