Recently completed a capacity of 512 gigabytes of digital storage manufacturers SanDisk SD memory card has announced. Extreme Pro SDXC models complete SD card, this card is captive and known as world’s largest captive SD card. Half-terabyte of storage, this card has quality high-Resolution well suited for video and photography.

According to the BBC, 5 GB of space required for 5 minute video recording of 4k. The 512 GB SD card can hold 30 hours of HD video would be like.

Many computers are now an average of 250-500 GB of hard drive storage. This is the 512 GB memory card is really amazing.

However, this SanDisk post stamp size memory card price of $ 800. After release of 512 MB memory card approx 10 years after SanDisk launches this 1 thousand times more captive memory card.

According to industry experts, the SD card 2 terabyte (roughly two thousand gigabytes) can be found in capacities up to. However, 2 TB is the memory card on the market right now aside. People must be satisfied with this 512 GB captive memory card now. People are moving to the cloud storage, but the device is the first choice of most people in local storage.