Technology and Communication in India 1000 billion dollars (60 billion rupees), Japan’s telecom company had on Monday promised to spend the soft-bank. One more step ahead and told the agency on Tuesday, the day of the internet shopping company of India’s major shareholders bought the However, it did not say how much stock is available. However, the amount of the investment is 6,270 billion or 3,887.40 crore. E-commerce business in India is growing faster than any of the company’s biggest investment yet. Soft-Bank’s claim, the transfer of shares in the hands of India’s third largest online market snapdeal they are the single largest shareholder.

Soft-Bank Chairman Ceo Masayosi son said Monday, investment in India, they are the most important. 9200 shares worth billions of dollars a year with the company executives to discuss the future of India’s e-commerce businesses cited appreciated. In fact, at a meeting on Monday with Japan Telecom Minister Rabisankara Prasad wealthy businessman from the proposed investment of billions of dollars a year in India in 1000. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan in September; a Japanese company is one of the biggest investments-offers behalf.

Soft-Bank vice chairman Nikesh Arora said Tuesday, “India is the world’s third largest in terms of number of net users. But all that online shopping business has been flat. Which means better, faster and cheaper services to access the net with a terrific opportunity to expand the country’s online market? “And this is why they are in line with snapdeal.

In New Delhi snapdeal reaches the 35 million customers. The numbers of sellers in the company are 50 thousand. To keep abreast of new companies in the field of mobile technology in order to proceed further to match the stems, in 6 months he has planned to construct an innovative center or snapdeal special infrastructure. The rapid growing trend of online shopping via mobile phone is the main cause. Related sources of news, business expansion as well as by investing the money in a few months to plan the acquisition of mobile technology, there are bodies.
snapdeal’s founder kunala bahela said, “We are starting from less than $ 10 million to $ 10 million, to acquire firms in different sizes thinking.” I already have three-four firms reported that they were aiming at. That same year, they have collected 100 million dollars in funding, the sources said, adding that all sectors will be hooked.