SteelConnect Apple Watch

Some of our readers might remember SteelConnect a company created by Jason Lim which has dedicated itself to creating fashionable adapters for smart watch’s including the Pebble and M Moto 360last year and now the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

The latest SteelConnect adapters have been specifically designed for the new Apple smartwatch and allow owners to mix and match the adapters to match the colour of your Apple Watch as well as transform it into a necklace or pocket watch if desired.

SteelConnect Apple Watch

Watch the video below to learn more about the latest smartwatch fashion adapters that have been created by SteelConnect. over the last 6 months the company has produced more than 10,000 adapters for existing smartwatches and now hopes to offer the same customisability to owners of the Apple Watch. Lim explains a little more :

“Here comes our third campaign, SteelConnect A for Apple Watch! We started back in early 2014 with Pebble Steel adapter and end the year with Moto360 adapters. It is just so natural for us to create an adapter for Apple Watch. We see the needs for people to have freedom of changing straps in a more affordable way. Our vision are always the same, to create adapters that brings flexibility as well as bridging fashion with technologies. 

Apple Watch is not only a smartwatch, it is a revolutionary product that could change how people do things. Payment, Health, Work and almost everything you can imagine could link with this wonderful creation. We are here to make this product more flexible on your wrist.

The whole idea of having SteelConnect A adapters is to create flexibility for Apple Watch users. Changing from leather strap to siliconband, to metalband or even a nylon strap. Its all up to you within seconds.”

For more information on the new SteelConnect Apple Watch adapters jump over to the Kickstarter website for details via the link below.