Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 8.But upgrade to iphone 8 makes trouble for users. Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 5.7 GB of free space is required to install 8. Some iPad 7 GB for even this amount may be. But the iPhone has 8GB of storage space; they are now required to pay to upgrade to IOS struggles to 8. Many of their iPhone App, images, videos, etc., are thinking of removing the free space. But they are also working on a hassle.

Apple customers this ‘Danger Days’ stands next to Microsoft. IPhone users 30 GB of storage to meet the problem of free storage is Onedrive Windows Builder. As a result, the iPhone does not delete content they upload One drive Free Space out for iOS can be 8.

One Drive App for iPhone & iPad users downloaded IOS when launching the camera roll feature will get 15 GB of cloud storage bonus. In the past, the amount of the bonus was 3 GB. With a further 15 GB space one drive also showing interest. So a total of 30 GB of cloud storage for photos, videos, etc., with the iPhone / iPad space to install Mac 8 will be no longer a barrier. On 30th September, when Onedrive Camera Roll and backup is only available with this offer.

Not just for iPhone users, all One Drive users who have already turned to the camera roll photo backup feature, they will receive this bonus storage. Those who did not turn on, the feature that they are now able to take the bonus.