A crashed server can be extremely inconvenient for anyone who has a business to run. A downed server can cause a business to lose customers and may also cause of revenue. It is important to identify and to deal with server problems as quickly as they appear. If servers are well maintained then they will continue to work in a satisfactory manner.

Several problems can occur with servers. It is important to recognise how to deal with these issues. If these problems fix text if these problems are fixed promptly then there will be little disruption to your business or to your customers. CWCS are managed hosting experts who can take care of server issues.

Some of the warning signs may be insignificant to most of us, whilst others will seem a lot more obvious. Read on in order to find out more about solving server difficulties.

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Look For Problems With Hardware

The most obvious place to start when it comes to server problems is the condition of the physical hardware. Check individual leads to make sure that they are not damaged in any way. Also, check that the computers themselves haven’t become damaged.

If there are any problems with the hardware, then this could cause disruptions for the performance of the servers. Once malfunctioning or damaged hardware has been replaced, the servers should start running at the optimum levels again.

Make sure to be constantly vigilant about the quality of your hardware. Every few years the server computers should be replaced with newer models.


Too Much Traffic?

If a website is receiving a lot of traffic i.e. people clicking through onto the website, this can cause the server to slow down. If enough people are logged into a website at one time and the server cannot cope, then it will most likely crash.

Check that the IP settings are correct, because this could be causing the server to go down.


Email Server Problems?

Sometimes server issues can be caused by too many emails landing in a business inbox. These emails can cause the server to slow down or even crash. Make sure that the e-mail server has plenty of space for user mail so that a high volume of emails can be received at any one time.


Check The Security Settings

Servers are protected by security settings which prevent them from being compromised by hackers trying to extract sensitive information. Sometimes these security settings can be too restrictive, which may prevent connectivity.


Ask Clients To Check Their Settings

Sometimes there might not be a problem with the server at all, so it could be an issue with a client’s computer. Ask them to check their settings in order to get to the root cause of the problem.

Often people cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to server problems. When trying to identify what the issue could be, always start with the simplest solutions first as these often find the root cause in a short space of time.