Time marches on and it can remain your ally or an out-of-control factor diminishing projects and deadlines. Timesheet software is integral to any business or organization today that employs people, runs payroll, tracks and records employee time and tracks projects.


All or many of these functions may standalone as an electronic timesheet. Alternatively, time-keeping software may be part of a suite of integrated business software applications that can include human resources, accounting, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP or Professional Services Automation, PSA tools. There are open-source platforms with confirmed integration features and those that match every price range.

Timesheet software may vary according to industry and/or differences in functionality and size. On a macro level timesheet reports can provide vision and insight into questions of overall efficiency, of how time is spent across the whole organization. This, in turn, can be used for analysis and senior management’s decision-making.

For the minimalist, the simplest solution today requires just a smartphone, such as available in Clockspot software for example, which is extremely user-friendly, simple to deploy, easy to use and includes all the needed features.

Perhaps your staff members are off-site often, travelling the country, or the world. Wouldn’t it be great for the time tracking software to know where each employee is located at their point of contact? Each staff member need not be concerned with inputting all the details for every triviality. Staff members can go about their business without worrying about the particular time zone, zip code, IP address or their global positioning details because the software handles all of that intrinsically.

Nowadays the new and improved timekeeping software systems are not bound by any one media. Rather by running on many, any smartphone, laptop, tablet or other technology, convenience is paramount. By having a web-based application, location is anywhere and everywhere.

Time Keeping Features

Employees and employers can have access, recording time spent on different tasks where both hourly workers and salaried employees can clock their time and their tasks easily. The best systems are intuitive and work across any industry or business sector, government or not-for-profit organization.

Standalone timesheet software includes the following important features:

Supervisors and managers can approve staff timesheets, send related messages and request adjustments

  • Password protection at all personnel levels
  • Tracking each job, client and project by job code.
  • Identifying paid time-off, sick pay, vacation accruals with automate accruals.
  • Submit/edit time-off requests, correct timesheet errors, with managers approval/denial
  • Running detailed reports: individual earning reports, static and over-time
  • Maintaining an audit trail of all transactions & changes, logged and backed-up routinely
  • Immediate and secured cloud back-up of all information, with SSL

Safe & Secure Data Is Paramount


Preventing timesheet fraud and ensuring the integrity of your organization’s data is vital. This requires that electronic timesheet software maintain password protection and secure access to timesheet approvals, at supervisor and managerial levels as defined by management. Guaranteeing passwords expire every 3 to 6 months and that software updates remain protected safeguards sensitive information. The bottom line is that although the software, data and access are secured, they are only as safe as the reliability of the people who have access.

Comparing Timesheet Features

Comparisons of many of the better-know timesheet software is available online.

Some of the comparative features include:

  • Integration characteristics – Does it integrate with other software such as QuickBooks or Google docs? Does it export to Excel or Outlook?
  • Storage capability and location – Confirm the size and location of your available storage
  • Mobility access

Base price & according to number of user