Uber is offering a new type of vehicle as part of its service: auto rickshaws.

The ride-hailing company announced on Thursday that it is rolling out UberAuto, a new service that allows New Delhi-based users to hail auto rickshaws from their phone.

UberAuto works much like the company’s other offerings: Users simply select it from the app’s menu to request a ride. Notably, the new service marks the first time Uber has allowed cash payments. Those who request rides via UberAuto pay their driver in cash after arriving at a destination, and fares for the service will be based on metered rates set by the local government, according to Uber.

“Autos are an iconic and ubiquitous part of the Delhi landscape, and we are excited to have them as another option on the Uber platform,” Uber wrote in a blog post announcing the new service. “We recognise the history and value of autos to the transportation landscape.”

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Currently, UberAuto is only available in Delhi, and it’s not clear if the company plans to expand the auto rickshaw service to other cities in India where it operates.

Uber isn’t the only ride-hailing service trying to win over users in India, and it faces competition from local taxi startups such as Ola, which operates a similar business across dozens of Indian cities.