Mp3 is often regarded as the king of audio format. With Movavi screen capture converter you can easily convert any popular audio formats such as OGG, ACC, WAV, FLAC, WMA, to Mp3 and listen to music on your favorite devices.

Boasting of a vast library of over 30M songs, and over 100M visitors per month, Spotify is the ultimate destination for all your stream music needs. Spotify is undeniably the most visited site for music and podcast streaming service all over the world. However, due to the music copyright stuff, Spotify does not allow downloading of tracks from the platform if you`re not a premium subscriber.

Ordinarily, there`s hardly any reason to want to download music, however, if you intend to listen to your favorite track later, when offline or on a device that does not support Spotify, then you may have some problems. Luckily, the Movavi screen capture helps in converting the Spotify music files into Mp3.

Under normal circumstances, the Movavi screen capture is primarily used to capture and record video from your desktop. However, in this case, we will be looking on how to set up the screen capture for audio purposes. We shall look into details a guide from

Set up Guide of Converting Spotify Music to Mp3 Files

  • Install Screen Capture

To install the Movavi Screen Capture, use the link that you`re supplied with upon the purchase of the product to download the program installation file. You just require following the prompts to install the program.

  • Set Up the Spotify Recording Parameters

With the Movavi Screen Capture software, you can capture sound from two different sources; system audio or microphone.

System audio allows you to capture sound from speakers. It captures music, alerts and video sounds. This is the option that you should use to capture Spotify music. On the other hand, a microphone allows you to capture only sounds from external sources.

To capture Spotify music, you need to visit the Spotify website that contains the tracks that you want to record. Launch the Movavi Screen Capture and select “Record Screen” on the main menu. You can click anywhere on the screen once to define the capture area (since it won`t be recording or saving any video anyway). Make sure that the System Audio is highlighted in color green so that it only records the music audio as opposed to external sounds or the webcam. If not highlighted, you can tap on it once for activation.

  • Start recording

When all is set, you can click the REC button and start to play your favorite music (preferably at the same time) that you want to record on Spotify.

  • Edit and Save

When the song ends, click the stop button for the Spotify ripper to complete the recording. The Movavi Screen Capture will then open in a preview window where you can trim out the unwanted bits. You can use the customized editing tools such as the “scissor” to isolate particular segments, then select them before deleting them. You can click now the save as button to save your edited music.