When it comes to building websites and blogs, there are a number of good online services and tools available, but for a beginner it will be very tough process to build a website or blog with Blogger or WordPress. You will need some language skills to maintain your blog on these services, but what to do if you are just a beginner and don’t have expert skills in blogging or website building. Here in this post I am going to tell you about a fantastic website builder tool which will help to create your own website within minutes. Yes, that’s true, Website-Builder.com is a free service by which you can create your own website including a template in just few minutes. Let me tell you about it in a little detail.

Website-Builder.com - The Free Website Builder

What You Need To Know About This Website-Builder

Huge Collection of Templates

When a person thinks to create website of his own, first thing which stroke his mind is design of the website. Design of each website or blog should be responsive so that mobile users can browse it comfortably too. Website-Builder.com has thought over it and thus it provides more than 10000 ready to use free website templates for your website. In total there are 7 categories in which these templates are distributed so that people can find it easy to choose template for their website. Do remember that a good design of website attracts more visitors.

Free Tools for Your Growth

Along with free templates, hosting and website builder tools, this you will also get access to some free SEO and blog maintaining tools. With these SEO tools you can check On Page SEO, and keyword density of your blog posts, so that you can rank better in search engines. It also helps you to index your blog and its internal pages much faster in search engines. Moreover you will also get some free Ad credits, which you can use to advertise your blog, to gain more visitors.

Free Website Templates Archives - Website-Builder.com

Get Your Website Live In Minutes

Another good thing to note about website-builder.com is that you can get your website go live within minutes just after creating an account there. Creating a website is never easy on other platforms like Blogger and WordPress, but with this website builder you can start posting articles on your website in few minutes. You don’t need to be expert in anything to create and manage your website on this website builder, all you need is an idea to create your own website.

There are many more advantages of using this website-builder.com like you can arrange or manage your website widgets and contents easily with drag and drop feature. This website builder is specifically designed for users without any coding experience. You can start designing your website on this platform even before you sign up for it; this function makes it stand out of the crowd. This website builder is much way cheaper than any other website builder currently available. It costs $30/month for a premium ecommerce plan, plus nominal domain costs. You will also get a free sub-domain with each basic plan.The user interface of this website builder is clean and easily manageable too, so you will not face any problem while creating your first website. If you are still confused with an option, then its support team is always ready to help you out.

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Final Words

So friend, I hope you have enjoyed the post and got what you were searching for. Website-Builder.com is an amazing service to use when it comes to website building. It really doesn’t matter if you are creating a personal blog or shopping website, you will always find an appropriate option for that in website-builder.com. I was searching for free portfolio website creator and found this website helpful.If you have used this service before, or currently using it, and then do let me know your views on it via comments below.