Music is an imperative part of your wedding and it is important to make sure that you get the best DJ in the town. If you are having your wedding in Los Angeles then you can use Special Guest app to find the best Wedding DJ’s in Los Angeles. We have some talented DJ services available for our users and here are some talented DJs in Los Angeles.

  1. Djoir Jordan:

Djoir Jordan’s ‘Pink meets Katy Perry’ pop dance style has much as somewhat 300,000 fans all across the globe. She has a strong background in music and she was also nominated for best Solo Performer of the year 2014 at LA Music Awards. She has given hit songs like Rush, Pretty Little Liars, and she was also seen in the movie- The Longest Ride. All this has given a lot of popularity. Apart from that, Djoir has also performed opening act for shows such as Hyper Crush, Dev, and Aaron Carter. In January, she has released her new EP titled as Name on It and it is streaming worldwide.

  1. Alexander Jokinsky

There are so many reasons why Alexander Jokinsky will be the best DJ for your wedding event. DJing hit songs from different genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Latin music and much more on your request; he surely can do it all. Alexander is executive producer of Belleza and Hollywood Fashion Show and Convention Center. His experience in working for large venues as well as private celeb parties could be great for you.

  1. Nate Okorley:

Nate started doing Djing as a hobby and he first got this experience from his dad when he was 14 years old. Soon this hobby turned to be his passion and he took his art on the road and started his DJ company when he was in college. He also had a popular radio show on his campus where he used to play the trendy music and showed his talent. His stage name is DJFastLaneNate and he started rocking the pubs in Oregon and cities such as Corvallis, Portland, and Eugene. Currently, DJFastLaneNate is considered a popular name in the pubs of San Diego, San Fransico, and Los Angeles. He has international fame as well, as he played at Dstrkt Night Club, London. He is also seen competing in DJ battles all around the companies and wow people with his excellent skills.

  1. Raj Gujral

Raj Gujral is the DJ from Southern California and he has been entertaining people with his DJ skills since 1995. His ability to mix-match the music and read the vibe of the room is what makes him so popular amongst the crowd. His talent has allowed him to perform at the biggest venues of Southern California. Many of his events have been featured in magazines such as In Style Magazine, Platinum Wedding, Ceremony Magazine, South Asian Bride Magazine, etc. So he is certainly a credible DJ who will make your wedding special.