Tweens and teens, all over world, are using the Internet obsessively which is interferingwith their normal lives. The online gambling, media obsession, online gaming, social networking, pornography, and excessive use of chats rooms all are the troublesome habits. And do you know about the Internet addiction disorder? It’s the Internet misuse which can negatively impact the mental health and normal lives of kids.

teens internet safety

All of the kids are likely to have such kind of threats so with parental control app, you canmake sure your kid does not become one of them.

Effects of Internet addiction

With the extensive andfrequent use of Internet, kids could develop negative thoughts about themselves, and they can lose their mental abilities to find out right direction in their lives. It’s quite unbelievable but the Internet is intoxicating for kids in this digital age.

Have a look at the Infographic by Maps of Worldwhich shows the stats about a survey on the Internet addiction.

internet addiction survey

This survey was conducted on the social media users to know what impact it leaves on their lives. 75% responded that yes, they stay longer then they intended on the Web. And 41% said they chose to spend more time on the Internet as compared to going out.

Place some helpful controls

24/7 online connectivity could help them in accessing the educational and informative material. But unfortunately kids hardly pay attention to such useful sites. Theycan easily get exposed to harmful content, pornography, dating sites and a lot more sites which can leave lasting impact on them. Moreover, they can have eye strain, stress, headache, media depression and compulsive connection with Internet.

Although these facts are very troublesome but you can still meet your responsibilities very easily. You can place some parental controls on their smartphones and help them concentrate on their normal lives in a better way. For this, there can be many apps you could go for like FamilyTime. It’s a new app but has some pretty interesting features to control excessive phone and tablet usage of your children.


You can check their internet history to see how much time they spend online and what their browsing patterns- are what kind of websites they view and for how long. You can also block certain apps on their phones of you detect that they use the app too much and at odd times. So this parental control appcan help you out effectively.

Prevent addictive Internet usage

Internet is a very useful resource and we all are blessed with such easy access to info 24/7. But it can be hazardous for children if they get hooked to it. They can push themselves in terrible jeopardy. Try to embrace digital wisdom and tackle the issue smartly by adopting parental controls. FamilyTime app can be a good choice so give it a shot!