Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, there is simply no doubt about that. Almost everywhere we go we carry our smartphones or tablets with us.

Yet, because we bring these items almost everywhere, they are often more susceptible to damages. Then when it does inevitably get damaged, we often start to panic as our lifeline to the online world glitches out.

However, while the damage may seem irreversible, in many cases it is quite possible to fix it. We’ve gathered the top six most common smartphone and tablet problems below. So, if you’re phone or tablet is acting up check out the list below to see if your issue is something that a phone or tablet repair specialist in London commonly addresses.

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1. Broken or cracked screen

A broken or cracked screen is an unseemly sight. If left untreated, it could gather debris, and shatter further. You could also potentially hurt yourself if a tiny shard comes loose while you are using your phone.


Yet, despite these challenges a cracked screen is a relatively common problem and it is easy to fix if it is handled straight away. In most cases your phone or tablet repair specialist will simply replace the screen with a new one, in under an hour. Still, keep in mind that this time-frame may be longer if your technician has several phones to repair.

2. Ink bleeding on device screen

Ink bleeding or seeping through your device’s screen generally occurs as a result of physical damage to the device. For instance, dropping your phone can cause internal damage to it which can cause ink to bleed across your screen. This can happen even if your phone or tablet’s screen doesn’t crack.

If your device begins to bleed ink then it is a good idea to hire a phone or tablet repair specialist immediately. That way they can assess the damage before the screen gets worse.

3. Device won’t turn on

There are a few reasons why your device might not turn on. Some which may not even be caused by physical or software damage.

For instance, if your phone won’t turn on the solution may be as simple as charging it. If your battery died the last time you used it, or even sometime afterwards, the device won’t turn back on unless you charge it. To test if this is the problem, simply plug your phone back into the charger.

Then, if that doesn’t work next, remove the phone’s battery for a few moments and then place it back in.

Should neither of these solutions fix the problem, then you should take your device to a phone or tablet repair specialist.

4. Damaged by water

Many phone companies like Samsung are continually working on waterproofing their phones. Yet, even as this trend towards waterproofing continues, many of us still use phones which certainly aren’t friends with water. So, when your phone comes into contact with water, it tends to be something of an issue.

It is difficult to predict how a particular phone will survive water damage. Still, there are a few key things which you can do to help move the odds in your favour. First remove the phone from the water. Then, if it is not already turned off, turn it off.

Don’t attempt to turn your phone back on while it is wet as this could damage it further. Then if you can, remove the back cover off the phone and take out your battery, SIM card and SD card. Lay these on a paper towel. Once you have done this it is mostly a waiting game. You can place the phone in rice to help it dry faster but this is still no guarantee that your phone will work.

After your phone is all dry you can try to turn it on, but if it seems to be acting up it is best to take it to a repair specialist.

5. Virus

Just like a computer, your phone and tablet are also susceptible to viruses. They can get a computer virus if you download malware accidentally on your phone. For instance, if you download a supposedly free copy of an app from a website other than google play or the app store, this could contain a virus. So, to avoid getting a virus on your home it is best to only download apps and software from reputable sites.

If you suspect that your phone or tablet does have a virus then it is best to take it to a technician. Then they can assess your phone for any malware which you may not be aware as lurking there. They can also recommend an ant-virus software which can protect your phone from future viruses.

6. The battery runs out quickly

Your phone’s battery can drain quickly for a number of reasons. For example, you may simply have too many different applications running and pushing out notifications. An easy way to test if this is the problem is to check your application settings. Look to see how many apps have enabled push notifications. If there are several enabled, then this could be the problem. You will know for sure if you turn these off and your phone’s battery goes back to normal!

Another common cause of a draining battery is applications which are out of date. As applications update, developers create fixes to bugs. These fixes could solve bugs which are potentially battery draining. So, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is up to date.

Is your battery still draining quickly? Then, your phone could be experiencing a hardware problem. If this is the case your best bet is to take it to a phone or tablet repair technician who can evaluate what is causing the issue.

Wrapping it Up

So, while damages to your tablet or smartphone may seem like a nightmare at first, they don’t have to be. A local service professional can help you fix a variety of technology issues!