Motorola is being first choice of the mobile lovers from the beginning and it’s still standing on top. There are certain people who are unsatisfied with the current smartphones. Motorola understands the current need of the people so recently launched moto E to satisfy them. Usually people think that if they want to buy good featured smartphone they need to pay high amount but with Motorola it’s not like that. Customers can get great collection of features in affordable range. Let’s discuss some of its features.

Connection with 4LTE or 4G speed – Even todays high quality smartphones don’t offer 4LTE speed for video but Motorola is offering this feature with 3G version. Now people don’t have to wait for the buffering to complete for watching videos online. if someone wants to purchase moto E online can take benefits of CompuIndia coupons.

Quad core processor –Processor decides the speed of any application to run in the device. If any smartphone consists of good processor then it will run almost every application and many applications at a time. This Moto E comes with Quad core processor which is the latest process of current time. After you decide the processor you can buy the phone with MI India coupons easily through online.

All day battry life– After the innovation of the smartphones people get unhappy with the battery life as any smatphone consists of large screen size which needs more power to run. Moto E consists of 2390mAh battery which can stand throughout the day. Once you completely charge its battery it will run the phone for the complete day.

Camera – Who don’t want to have good quality camera in his smartphone. With Moto E you will get high quality picturing. This smartphone also offers front and rear facing camera with HD quality. It also offers quick capturing feature which help the user to click picture instantly which does not get blur.

OS (operating system)- the most important feature of any smartphone is its OS (Operating System). Smartphones runs on different OS if compared with PC and laptops. In the android smartphones OS are named in terms of android versions. Currently lollypop is the latest android version which is offered in moto E.

Color of the phone– These days color of the smartphone also plays an important role where people like to choose a unique color of smartpphone. Motorola understands the current color desires of the customers so offering Moto E in various attractive colors including black and white.

Easy software installing- Today smartphone is carried due to the fact that it has many helpful applications. These application make any phone smart and worth carrying. There are millions of app launched till now from every field to help people accordingly. From map to different learning applications are helping human beings in their day to day life.

With Motorola life is becoming much easier than before because of the great features offered by the company. It’s simple look offers an elite experience to the users. This company has started the era of phones and that’s why still ahead from other competitors.

Don’t think more about buying a new smartphone get a new moto E and enjoy the latest features!