The new Moto Z2 Play is out, and it’s an impressive $500 phone: cheaper than a flagship, yet touting some unique Moto Mods, a clean design and the promise of great battery life.
But how does it compare to last year’s Moto Z Play, a phone that ranked as ‘the best battery phone’ by many.

Moto Z2 Play vs Moto Z Play: battery life comparison and all other differences15% SMALLER BATTERY THAN THE ORIGINAL IN EXCHANGE FOR THINNESS

Well, the Moto Z2 Play also has a super power efficient battery chip: the new Snaprdagon 626 built on a 14nm architecture, a key component to delivering excellent battery longevity. However, it also has a 15% smaller battery than the original.
The official battery figures on the Z2 Play quote 30 hours of battery use, while on the Moto Z Play the same measurement stood at 50 hours. So no, don’t expect quite the same solid 2-day battery life, but do expect a still great one to one and a half day battery here.