The personal computer market is not booming. It has been in serious trouble for the last couple of years. The advent of the smartphone has meant that for most of us, that has become the primary computing device, not the PC. But there are several reasons why the smartphone can’t quite replace the convenience of a laptop.

For students and working professionals, the laptop is still the way to go when it comes to carrying out intensive tasks. Be it editing an article, completing assignments or going through spreadsheets, you need a bigger display. In my own case, while I can type out articles on a phone, I know my accuracy is higher when I have a full-fledged laptop or computer to type out.

But unlike smartphones, it is hard to find a budget laptop, which will do the task, which won’t lag or test your patience. So whenever I get a budget laptop for review, I use it with much trepidation. The Acer ES11 is one such budget laptop, and I had a surprisingly good experience with this. Here’s my full review

Acer ES11 Notebook Specifications: 11.6-inch LED display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution | Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 @2.40 Ghz | 2GB RAM DDR3 SDRAM + 500GB HDD | Windows 10 | Battery life promised 8 hours | Bluetooth Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac, Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) port, SD card reader, 2 USB ports , HDMI Port |

Acer ES11 Price: Rs 19,990

Acer ES11

Acer ES11 has a clamshell design, and this is a pretty compact laptop. The laptop has a textured pattern on top, and while the overall plasticky feel is not so good for a budget laptop this doesn’t look so bad. Remember, you are only paying under Rs 20,000 for a laptop with licensed Windows 10 running on it. Just a few years back this would not have been possible.

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The Acer ES11 weighs around 1.22 kgs, which is another positive point in its favour. At least you won’t be saddled with a heavy laptop, which gives you a backache from lugging around.

Acer ES11: What’s good?

Acer ES11: Design, Display

I’ve already discussed the laptop comes with a clamshell design, and this is pretty light. This budget laptop has almost all the ports you can think of: Ethernet, HDMI, two USB ports, an SD card reader, headphone jack. Basically all your standard cable ports are covered, which is pretty good considering the price. There are also some other versions with an optical drive in the series. You can also get a red colour option for the Acer ES11, which is listed on Amazon for just Rs 13,000.

The display of the Acer ES11 is 11.6-inches. It isn’t a 720p display, but the resolution and viewing angles are not bad. You can watch your daily quota of videos on this, but don’t expect ultra-sharp brightness out here. The display is fine for basic tasks like browsing the web, watching videos on YouTube, etc.

Acer ES11: Performance

For Rs 19,990 you’re getting Windows 10 pre-installed. However, there are versions with just the Linux OS as well. It comes with Office 365 one-month free trial as well. Windows 10 means you’re getting the latest OS for Rs 19,900 and that’s the price of many smartphones these days. I would say for a budget laptop this is a good offer.

In terms of general performance, the Acer ES11 will demand some patience. However, the 2GB RAM means that it does struggle with Chrome at times, and yes even the Edge browser. Also opening Word takes forever, so I eventually gave that up. However, if Google Docs are your thing, the experience will be better. I didn’t face so much trouble typing out some of my articles on this.

The laptop doesn’t get heated up while working for long periods either. However, during charging it has a tendency to get hot really fast.

The performance of this laptop is more suited for students, especially if you want to give your child their first laptop. It is budget friendly, and ideal for tasks that require a lot of typing, etc. But it does lag, and has trouble managing too many tabs at times.