Recently we wrote about a Sennheiser headphone that costs way more than a top-end luxury car or even a decent sized house in a metro. That is audio luxury of the kind even music maestros will stay clear of, but those who look at music as their life’s calling, or hearing, wouldn’t mind spending a bit to get the experience just right. This is where the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 comes in.

B&O Beoplay H9

The Beoplay H9 is a on-ear wireless Bluetooth headset for those who really care about what they listen to. That’s just my nice way of saying this not for everyone. Well, the price tag will make sure of that. This is a luxury product in every sense of the term. No cheap plastic here. It is polished aluminum with soft lambskin and cowhide in the earcups to offer maximum comfort, even for binge sessions. Just to ensure that you are not missing out anything, there is active noise cancellation and calling features too.

Specs: Frequency – 20 Hz to 22,000 Hz | 40mm electro dynamic driver | touch panel ear pads | 770 mAh battery

Price: Rs 39,990

What companies like B&O do so well is remove the unnecessary hurdles that some think technology should pose. So getting the headphone to pair with your smartphone or getting the noise cancellation to switch on are all no-effort endeavours. I haven’t seen many other headphones that pair so easily or those that come with noise cancellation working off the box. This is the way it should be.

I am partial to headphones with noise cancellation because I work in a noisy part of the office and when I am not, I am travelling in planes that make a ruckus of their own. The B&O has one of the best noise cancellations I have used. Where it is a bit better is that the active noise cancellation feels more natural and not like someone has sucked all the noise out of our lives.

Image result for B&O Beoplay H9 review: Bliss for your earsThe H9 comes with touch controls on the anodised aluminum plates on the right earcup. I would have loved for this feature to work on both cups, but this is good too. Double touch would have just made this more expensive. But the controls are really easy to master, like a single swipe to pause or play, a swipe to skip back or forth. This is the kind of technology you end up loving.

With a B&O you don’t really worry about the audio quality. But it’s only when you listen to headphones that have 40-mm drivers that you realise what you have been missing like that strumm of the guitar in Sultans of Swing you never knew existed. I do listen to new voices whenever I have the time on weekends and this week Apple Music introduced me to Shawn Mendes through the song Stitches. Now, I am not sure I will like him as much if you switch back to my regular headphones. This is that kind of headphone. This is the kind of headphone that brings Leonard Cohen back to life. Yeah, you got me singing.

Like with all new wireless and wired headphones, calling abilities are pretty standard on the H9 too. You can take or make a call by just tapping on the earpad. The call quality is pretty amazing, almost like you are in the room with the person on the other side. So double check if you want to wear this headphone for that call with your boss.