There are a lot of poker fans out there who just love all the card games. The ultimate Teen Patti game on the play store is just what they look for. It is a free Teen Patti card game as well as amultiplayer casino game which you can play with other players online and have fun. Teen Patti is actually an Indian poker game which is also known as flash or flush. The casino card gamewhich is also available inside it will be something you would be aware of already if you haveplayed the Texas Hold’em Poker game. Now this game is one of the most popular games on the PlayStore. It has got an overall rating of 4.5 stars and has more than a million downloads. So, we will review the app and see what really is good about this.

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What are the standout features?

The standout features of the game are that you can use the multiplayer option and play withyour friends, family and all card game players across the world. As per the claims, you get toplay alongside 3 million active players of the game from around the globe and get to feel likeyou are playing a real Teen Patti game. Another standout feature of the game is that real drawsare held in the game. So if you manage to win the lucky draw, then you can win exciting realprizes such as mobile phones and tablets etc.

What are the other top features?

There are many other good features in this game which makes it quite addicting and popular amongst its users. Some of these are:

  • It has a great user interface and hence you get to have a real experience, as if you are playingTeen Patti Indian poker in your real life.
  • They give you 300,000 chips to play with when you install the app. Also, they ensure thatyou never run out of chips as they give free bonus chips after every 4 hours as well.
  • You get to play in the language of your choice. So if you are not comfortable in playing onEnglish, then you can play in Hindi as well.
  • The game has no-limit tables. Also, it takes very less data and hence works absolutely fine ifyou have a 2g or even a 3g connection.
  • If you don’t want to play with anonymous or random players and want to play with just yourfriends, then you can also create private tables with your friends in it and enjoy the game.

What are the various levels/modes in the game?

The ultimate Teen Patti comes with many modes and you can play the one which you like. Letus have a look at some of these.

  • Classic Teen Patti Mode – In this mode, the players get to low bott the tables and bet theamount of chips that they are comfortable in betting. This is like the original Teen Patti game.Depending upon the ranks, the person who has the best 3 card combo gets to take away all theprize money.
  • No Limit Mode – In this mode, the players get to choose the boot tables themselves andhence they can bet as high amount as they want. Again, the person who has the best cardcombo based upon the ranks gets to take away all the bet money.
  • Variations Mode – This is quite an interesting mode. In this, some variations of the classicTeen Patti game are provided to the players. Some of the variations include Muflis, AK47,Hukum, Higher Joker, 10x Boot and Lowest Joker.
  • Tournaments – This is the mode played and loved mode on the app. In this, the player gets toplay against the other players from across the world which is randomly selected. Thesetournaments are held on a weekly basis and those who end up as the eventual winners get towin some really cool and big prizes.
The Last Words

So we can say that amongst the various Teen Patti games present on the play store, this iscertainly one of the best if not the best. It is the #1 Teen Patti game on the play store and havearound 3 million active users. Its features and various modes are amazing and these make thegame quite addictive to play. So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, go ahead and give it a shot.Play with your friends and family and win real prizes as well.