In a world governed by technology, from class activities or homeschooling to school administration, web forms are becoming quite a valuable tool for the education field.

In order to easily build any type of online forms, you’ll need a Form Creator. Here’s one that will help you create free forms in 3 simple steps. It’s called 123ContactForm. This nifty Online Form Builder provides 40+ form templates only for the education field . You don’t need programming skills and you don’t need a whole day to create a web form, however complex it may be. With the drag and drop editor and so many templates to choose from, you’ll create your very own education forms in no time.


Beginning the year right

collecting feedback from students is now easier than ever with the Beginning of the Year Student Questionnaire. The template makes things even smoother-start with it and customize it however you see fit or add more fields to it if you need to. Teachers can create reports with the students’ responses in order to manage them afterwards. Periodical evaluations a new approach Periodical evaluation can become quite boring and overwhelming, but one thing teachers can do to avoid that is to integrate online quizzes in their evaluations. With the 123ContactForm builder, they can even publish the quiz results, view overall charts and generate reports.

Evaluating teachers

there are plenty types of web forms for evaluating a teacher’s performance as well, whether we’re talking about specialists evaluating them or feedback from students. You have The Classroom Observation Form, the Course Evaluation Form or the Teacher Evaluation Form for that. Now there’s no need for printing since you can comfortably use a laptop, a Smartphone or a tablet to access your online form and also use real-time statistics to show the results.

Interactive learning

using a quiz, instead of a standard bland test is a great technique to raise students’ interest and help them learn in a more enjoyable way. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even insert images or embed videos into the form.

When you’ll see how easy it is to create these web forms, you’ll never go back to the printed version or the old school methods of teaching.