Hey folks are you tired of low disk space on one of your disk? That “low disk space on drive” message keeps irritating you? Don’t worry we have got a complete solution about these problems that will help you manage your disk and disk space more efficiently than ever before.

We have come up with software named AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard which is one of the best free partition software available when compared to other similar products in the market.

It is one of those products which has been growing since its launch and has found great user base and fans worldwide with more and more people using it for managing their disk and content related issues.

Coming to the compatibly of the product with different configurations, firstly it is absolutely free for both your personal use and even your commercial uses as well, that makes it great and you can use the product without any problems of buying different license keys to make it run on different computers, PC. This software is supported by most commonly used operating systems like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and some others as well.

The software supports different types of file systems which include NTFS, FAT32/16/12, exFAT/ReFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, Bitlocker, and other file systems.

Various storage devices are supported by the software which include common hard disk drives, solid state drives (SSD) & SSHD as well. Coming to removable devices, the software supports external hard drives, USB drives, flash drives, thumb drives, pc cards, MBR& GPT disks which are 8TB and more, the software supports UEFI/EFI boot as well.

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is fully loaded with different features which make it extremely easy to manage your partitions, for e.g. the feature “Extend Partition Wizard” will allow you to extend your partition space, you can simply use “Resize Partition” to change the size of partition, “Merge Partitions” to merge partitions and combine them into a single one, “Split Partition” to split a single partition into different partitions, user can simply copy the whole partition with the help of a feature called “Copy Partition”.

The product is easy to use and is the best software which can provide a partition magic for windows 10  which makes the software user friendly.

To conclude I would say the software is one of the best I have ever used and thus a must to manage your disk partitions.