Mozilla is testing a new feature for Firefox that lets you manage tabs better. The SnoozeTabs feature essentially just shuts a tab, only to open it back at a later time. Using this new feature, the Firefox User can snooze any tab up to a specified time, and this tab will then open in the background at the mentioned time. Mozilla is testing Pulse, a developer feedback tool for Firefox.

Firefox Testing SnoozeTabs Feature, Lets You Snooze Tabs Until You Need Them

The Firefox SnoozeTabs feature helps in managing your tabs better, and is useful for those users who work with multiple tabs on their browser. This feature will also allow you to remember important chores that you want to keep for later (but tend to forget at most times). SnoozeTabs lets a tab disappear for a while, and appear back on the browser once the snooze time ends. There’s a bell icon that appears on the top-right of Firefox, clicking which will allow you to choose a time when you want the tab to return. There are options like later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, next month, for easy configuration. After choosing the option, the tab will go away until the time specified, at which point the tab will load in the background so that your current work is not disrupted. Chrome offers this in the form of a third-party extension called Tab Snooze which pretty much does the same thing.

Another feature that Firefox is testing is called Pulse which allows users to send feedback to the developers on which sites work well in Firefox and which sites don’t. There’s a new Pulse button added in the bookmark bar, and it allows for rating of a site’s performance with one through five stars. This feature is mainly useful for Firefox engineers, as the feedback will help in work management.

As mentioned, Firefox is currently testing both these features, but it should arrive on the stable version soon. For all those who cannot wait, you can try out SnoozeTabs and Pulse right away by activating Mozilla’s Test Pilot extension. This extension essentially allows users to try out work-in-progress features before they arrive on the stable channel. Test Pilot works for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.