Every once a while something unfortunate and mildly regrettable happens; you accidentally delete a file that is important to you or you are suddenly in a dire need of a file that seemed meaningless to you moments ago. Such cases happen to the best of us, whether it is the use of Alt-Shift-Delete, which is shirt cut to permanently delete a file for those of you who didn’t know accidental deletion, formatting of a hard disk/pen drive or a factory reset. It seems it’s in the human nature to delete items that are important to us of will be important to us in the near future. This happens to the best of us and this accidental deletion or urgent need of a file that has a sudden importance to you is something we all have suffered from at a point of time, but regret no more because of new software by EaseUS, the free data recovery software.

With the help of this software now you can recover deleted files, which makes our lives a lot easier and also saves a lot of people from trouble, as no one knows what a file could mean to someone; it could be an office presentation, a memorial, a love letter, an important windows file, work/office related important excel files or mails and etc. This free data recovery software allows the user to recover any and all files be it a video, a movie or even a word document or archived file, basically it can recover anything.


It also offers two different modes of scanning; quick scan, which helps find deleted files, and deep scan that helps find files edited, tampered with, misplaced or deleted long ago. At start up it displays multiple check boxes to know which type of file you want to recover, for example; if you want to recover a word document fill the “documents” check box, similarly for videos, images, miscellaneous files you have respective check boxes. This software therefore allows easy and free means to recover erased data not just from computers and laptops but also from external hard disk. The free data recovery software works on hard drive recovery   and scans all erased And lost files in particular hard disks, thus effectively narrowing down your search and making it easier to scan, find and recover deleted files from the hard disk of the computer. Other than just recovering deleted and erased files from the hard drive, the software also enables you to recover deleted data from external hard disk. Hard disk recovery is granted by the software and allows the same procedure to be followed in hard disk with multiple options to narrow down your search and accurately and effectively find the erased file and to recover it. The whole package offered by the company excels at what it is meant to do and effectively recovers all deleted files, even those deleted long ago and the most amazing part of the package is that this software is offered for free and anybody can download it and use it for free!