Memory cards are widely used for storing data and it is a small and effective device to store important things in it and it is widely used in workplaces. But these important files can be easily lost from the memory card either accidentally or by system crash. So you might be wondering which is the most effective way to recollect those lost files from the memory card then Vibosoft Card Data recovery is the answer. This is amazing software which can scan and restore all the lost data from any memory card. This software is compatible with Windows version of OS like XP, Vista and 7 also. It gives a high performance and can be used to restore as many as 500 different types of files like music, images, videos, documents and more. It supports every memory card irrespective of size and shape. It is compatible with SD, MMC, CF, Memory stick, USB and many more. It is a powerful tool and can also be used to recover files from hard drive also for NTFS/FAT. Some of the most amazing features of Vibosoft Card Data Recovery are as follows:

· When you accidentally format the memory card unaware of the fact that it has got some important files then you regret afterwards but this software enable the user to successfully recover the lost files by scanning the memory card and creating the structure of the complex data.

· This tool also helps the user to get the access of inaccessible memory cards. Sometimes when there is a virus attack or software faults in the memory card. It performs a deep scan of the card and is able to restore lost data very effectively.

· Unlike other software Vibosoft Card Data Recovery is compatible with many types of memory cards. It can read above 60 different card types. It can read as well as scan any memory card.

· You can recover lost data from SD card very easily within just few clicks.

· This software scans the device and previews all the files which are lost and from there you can choose which files need to be restored. This preview option is of great help to the user as it makes it easier to choose the right files that need recovery.

· You can also recover lost data from Hard Drive. It can directly scan the hard drive and thus allowing recovering files from local hard drive.

It supports many different types of memory card and also compatible with different camera brands like Canon, Kodak, Fuji and many more. Different brands of USB drive is also supported by Vibosoft Card Data Recovery.

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