E3 is the biggest gaming event on the tech calendar, and E3 2017 is set to take place in Los Angeles soon. The likes of Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix and others are set to take the stage during the event, showcasing new games and consoles. Here’s what to expect at E3 2017.

When does E3 2017 start?

So now you know what E3 is, what are the dates for this year? The event itself is due to run for three days, 13-15 June 2017. More details about show opening hours are below:

  • Tuesday 13 June 2016: 12pm-6pm
  • Wednesday 14 June 2016: 10am-6pm
  • Thursday 15 June 2016: 10am-5pm

However, while the event itself runs from Tuesday-Thursday, many companies host their own press conferences before the show begins.

E3 2017 schedule: Press conferences

The likes of Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Bethesda and Ubisoft usually host press events on the Sunday and Monday ahead of E3, with this year looking no different. Take a look at our E3 schedule below for all the latest press conference timings.

EA press conference

Saturday 10 June, 12pm Pacific Time (8pm UK time)

Microsoft Xbox press conference

Sunday 11 June, 2pm Pacific Time (10pm UK time)

Bethesda press conference

Sunday 11 June, 7pm Pacific Time (3am UK time, 12th)

Ubisoft press conference

Monday 12 June, 1pm Pacific Time (9pm UK time)

Sony press conference

Monday 12 June, 6pm Pacific Time (2am UK time, 13th)

Nintendo press conference

Tuesday 13 June, 9am Pacific Time (5pm UK time)

E3 has put together a handy time table of the schedule for a load of different time zones so you can see when to tune in wherever you are.

E3 schedule press conference time table

What to expect at E3 2017: Games

The vast majority of the news coming from E3 2017 will be new games. Announcements will be hard to keep up with considering the amount of press conferences so here’s what to expect from each company.


“With our event opening on Saturday, June 10th, we will be kicking off the weekend with our all-new live broadcast experience starting at 12pm PST, where we’ll be celebrating our players and our biggest games of the year ahead,” said EA.

That doesn’t tell us a great deal but it has since announced some of the games we’ll see at E3 2017.

They include Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA LIVE 18 on the sports side of things. Also tune in for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and a new Need for Speed.