Increasing needs of technology has led to several innovations in the recent times, but none can compare to the phone. This has been the major device for communication and is being upgraded at every level through various improvements. Increasing demands of users has led to the phone become a smartphone and now there is no stopping it. Everywhere you go, whether it is business meetings or travels, phone is an essential element that you cannot do without. It is now the mini-computer that you can travel with.

A new way of monitoring without hovering

With popularity of the device, certain drawbacks have also come in the forefront and no doubt needs to be taken very seriously by users. Considering the power of internet and how users are utilizing it with their phones is a concerning topic. With lack of security concerns, come the issues of cyber threat and crimes that can be very unpleasant. Moreover social networking has also brought out a side that requires constant monitoring especially for children and teenagers. Here the need of a tracking system is imperative. However it needs to be done in a manner that is not intervening and doesn’t seem like encroaching upon the personal rights and space of others.

Hoverwatch serves as an ideal tracking application that will give you complete power as a parent to look into the activities of your children without letting them know. This is a much better option than going around asking your kids embarrassing questions and straining the parent-kid relationship. It is simple software that can be easily installed in the device you want to monitor. It stays hidden and the user will have no clue that tracking software has been activated. This makes Hoverwatch all the more intriguing. It is available in two plans: the personal plan allows you to monitor 1 device and with the family plan you can track 5 devices. The plans are pretty affordable and start from $8.33 and $3.33 respectively. Hence you can ideally keep a track on every 12 and 15 year old running around in the house.


Stop intervening and start supervisin

With the incoming of spy software, all you need to do is sign up with the free Hoverwatch account. Download and install the application in Android, Windows or Mac device. Next, just start monitoring. All relevant data in the device will be automatically sent over to the dashboard of the account. Hence all you need to do is sit and get all the information flow without having to make any extra effort.

Following listed are the functions that this software performs:

  • Text messages are the one way through which information travels. Whether sent, received or even deleted immediately, all data will be available for monitoring, right from the recipient to the time, location of the text and details of the message. Everything is revealed.
  • Calls are probably the most vital in this case. To activate proper monitoring, call recording features are also enabled. Therefore you can not only gain insight into the details of incoming and outgoing call such as time of call, duration, recipient, location but also get to hear the conversation in details.
  • Finding location of the target device can reveal a lot of information. Hoverwatch understands the need of the same and with the GPS location tracker, you know exactly where the user or device is, the place, time and other details. One of the most amazing additions is that even if Wi-Fi and GPS is turned off in the device, the software can still track location through GSM.


  • The front camera option enables the application to click an image of the user every time the home screen of the device is being unlocked. This will give you an idea of who is using the phone at which moment.
  • Social media monitoring is an essential factor that is fulfilled by Hoverwatch. Facebook and Whatsapp are two vital mediums through which messages are transferred. Apart from it, images, audio and video files are also transferred. Now all these data is transmitted easily to the dashboard for you to scrutinize.
  • Sim card is the most essential element of the phone. But these days, constant changes are being made. The one thing that Hoverwatch allows you to know is detection of sim card changes. Hence you will be notified when such an activity takes place.
  • Calendars, schedules and to-do lists, contain a lot of relevant information about the user’s activity. All these data are recorded by the software and you can view it in the dashboard. Hence you get to know where the user has planned to go, for which event and at what time.
  • Contacts are quite vital. If you need to have a list of it then, the application effectively copies all the necessary names, their additional numbers and email address for you to view.

Need of tracking

With all this information at hand, Hoverwatch gives you a chance to get a detailed insight into the target device and see all that is happening or about to happen. You are at the controlling end of the information. If you feel that your kids or a dear one is about to get involved into a nasty situation then warning and helping them to come out of it can be huge life saviour. Therefore be aware of the events taking place and start monitoring without having to put on a strict watch.