Ever wondered how you can be in two places at the same time? Well, a developer of the queue management system; akistechnologies.com from Lithuania can just do that for you. At akistechnologies.com, we improve service delivery and customer experience through the provision of quality queue management systems. For akistechnologies to streamline the flow of customers, the firm uses state-of-the-art queue management systems. The systems have proven to increase service efficiency, boost the brand and decrease the average wait times. So what are some of the premium queue management systems that akistechnologies uses?

  1. Virtual queueing

Virtual queueing from akistechnologies leverages technology to manage the service queues and optimize the flow of clients through different methods such as;

-Calling clients when their serving time reaches

-Placing the customers in the queue virtually

-Closely monitoring and managing the whole queueing process

-Optimizing the service efficiency and wait time.

The sophisticated virtual queueing system makes it easier for clients to set appointments and wait from anywhere. Basically, this an effective solution that improves the customer experience by removing the physical line. For example, if you`ve a restaurant the virtual queue management system allows your regular clients to request an order before they arrive. Once their favorite meal is ready, the restaurant can inform the client using alerts such as SMS or mobile apps. Such kind of appointments allows your business to make early preparations, manage the workload, and manage the employee scheduling. Moreover, the process offers a more convenient way to reduce their wait time and even gives them a chance to rate their experience on their favorite device before they leave your premises.

  1. Akistechnologies Electronic Queuing System

With a single push of a button, the developers of the queue management system; akistechnologies.com from Lithuania can streamline the way agents hail clients, and optimize the service efficiency. The akistechnologies electronic queueing system is a powerful queueing system that uses a wireless remote and electronic media outlet positioned in an open service location. The media outlets may be in the form of audio or visuals only or a combination of both.

The electronic queueing system is often used in major banks. With a simple push of a button, a cashier can alert the next waiting customer and guide them accordingly. If the institution is vast, the different electronic systems can be integrated together to allow agents to make coordinated calls. What makes the electronic queueing system convenient is that it facilitates quick communication, is easy to install and maintain.